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B. Owens, Manhattan

“Childproofers, Inc. came to my house, evaluated and installed everything in the same day. They were clean, efficient, and most of all, trustworthy. As a new parent, I was unsure of the steps I needed to take to make my home a safer place. Childproofers, Inc. eliminated my fears and allowed me to sleep better at night knowing my house was now safer for my child.”

K. Mattingale, New York

“I am so happy that I decided to hire a professional childproofer. It was great to have a professional evaluate my house, and I couldnt beleive all the things I had not thought of prior to the consultation. As a result, my house is a much safer place then it would have been had I childproofed on my own.”

Stacey, Mt. Kisco

“This is such an amazing service! David came to my house in Westchester County and childproofed everything. He was in and out in under 4 hours, what would have taken me all weekend. Hiring is totally worth it for the convinience and the piece of mind. 100% call Childproofers, Inc. for your childproofing needs.””

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ChildProofers, Inc. is a childproofing services company that helps parents and grandparents by giving them peace of mind. As experienced professionals, we create safe environments for your children to explore, learn, and grow while giving you the assurance that only the highest quality products have been safely, securely, and properly installed. ChildProofers, Inc. has been serving the tri-state area for over 19 years.