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Keep all plants away from small children. Teach children never to eat unknown About 2 ½ million children are injured or killed each year by hazards in the home. The good news is that many of these incidents can be prevented by knowing the proper child safety devices and by using common sense. The following pages can help answer the basic questions that many parents have.

These Helpful Hints were created to be as thorough as possible, however, please remember that they are just for reference, and may not cover all of the child safety issues in your home, or with your child.

  1. Stairs
    Put gates at the top and bottom of stair cases. We recommend not using pressure gates at the top of the stairs.
  2. Doors
    Protect fingers from being caught in the spine or catch of doors. Replace door stops with solid rubber door stops. Install door locks on doors that lead to areas not intended for children.
  3. Cleaning Materials
    Keep all hazardous items locked away, preferably in a high cabinet.
  4. Electrical sockets
    Replace outlets with spring loaded safety covers.
  5. Furniture edges/ corners
    Use cushioned corners/ edging to protect against dangerous bumps to eyes and head area.
  6. Overfilled playpens/ cribs
    Keep toys to a minimum. Do not use pillows or thick blankets with young infants.
  7. Fire
    Place smoke detectors in the halls and bedrooms on all floors. Ensure fire guards protect open fires and/or gas fires.
  8. Loose cables/ cords
    Tie cords up out of reach or bundle together to remove all slack.
  9. Bathtime
    Always check water temperature BEFORE you put your child in the bath and NEVER leave your child unattended.
  10. Glass
    Keep children away from glass doors and objects including picture frames.

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